Nightly maintenance

We execute various forum maintenance routines, software updates, and database backups during the ‘wee hours’ to minimize the impact on our forum members. In practice, the window between ‘west coast night owls’ and ‘east coast early risers’ is very short. As a result, someone is going to be affected by our maintenance activities, but we do our best to minimize the impact for everyone.

Jerry & Ardra visit

Forum members Jerry and Ardra Fitzgerald stop by to offer advice and moral support.


Ron Marabito

Ron Marabito had some bits ‘left over’ after repairing the generator fan on his coach.

The forum necessarily gets put into “maintenance mode” as we perform the nightly tasks. If you see our maintenance mode message, please wait a while and try again later.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience, but we’ll always do our best to restore the forum and be back online in the shortest possible time.

Hopefully, we won’t break anything in the process, and we’ll remember where all the “bits” go.